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Although CALEHR & ASSOCIATES is a relative new comer to the challenging world of International Aviation law, in a relatively short time span we have been involved in a considerable amount of international aviation disasters ranging from Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Central America and The United States.

CALEHR & ASSOCIATES has proudly associated themselves in the last couple of years withStewarts Law LLP who in 2007, represented more than 15% of passengers and their families involved in aviation crashes worldwide and is rated number one in England for fatal accident and injury claims. Stewarts Law has a unique knowledge of and access to the global aviation insurance market based in the City of London. Their unique relationship with the insurance market is of proven benefit to our combined clients in speeding up the settlement of their claims and maximizing their compensation.

According to The Legal 500 “Stewarts Law LLP’s claimant-based aviation practice is considered ‘responsive and unsurpassed in its knowledge of aviation

Stewarts Law is recognized globally as one of the leading aviation disaster, serious injury and fatal accident law firms. We only act for families and victims of air crashes and not for the insurance companies, unlike all other aviation law firms in the UK.

The following is a partial list of the major aviation disasters in which has represented passengers and their families in partnership with an international joint venture of leading aviation firms first and foremost among them – Stewarts Law LLP of London, England under the leadership of widely acclaimed James-Healy-Pratt to combine our considerable joint experience, talent and resources to assist victims who have suffered injury or bereavement.James Healy-Pratt has specialist knowledge of international carriage, foreign jurisdiction issues and actual flying knowledge and experience of helicopters.

James is head of Aviation at Stewarts and is an attorney dual qualified in England and New York. Between 1992 and 2000 he was senior legal advisor to Global Aerospace Underwriting Managers, the largest aviation insurer. In 2000 he moved to become General Counsel at Amlin Plc. Amlin Syndicate 2001 was the largest underwriter at Lloyd’s of London. James has had 18 years extensive international experience of investigating and resolving international airline disasters. James’ move from aviation insurance to plaintiff aviation in 2006 gives him unprecedented knowledge of the aviation insurance, airplane accidents and reinsurance industry.

James has flown Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters, and is currently completing his PPL H on a Eurocopter Turbine EC120 helicopter, following which he plans to become type rated on the Eurocopter AS350 and AS355. James is described by the Legal 500 as ‘one of the leading lawyers in the world in this area’, The Chambers guide for 2009 describes James Healy-Pratt as “a dominant force”, and being “simply and unequivocally on top of his game”.

Adam Air Boeing 737-400 Flight KI 574, January 1, 2007, Majene, Indonesia-Crashed into Ocean

Garuda Indonesia Airlines Boeing 737-497 Flight GA 200, Yogjakarta, Indonesia, March 7, 2007-Crash on Landing

Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800ER Flight KQ-507, Doulla, Cameroon, May 5, 2007-Under Investigation

Adam Air Boeing 737-400 Flight KI 294 on March 10, 2008 in Batam, Indonesia-Under Investigation

Santa Barbara’s ATR 42-300, a turboprop flight 518 on February 22, 2008 in Merida, Venezuela- Under Investigation

TACA Airlines Airbus A320 Flight 390 on May 30, 2008 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras- Under Investigation

Southern Sudan Air Connection Hawker Beechcraft 1900 C-1 May 2 2008 in Rumbek in the southern Bahr al-Ghazal province (Sudan)

Sudan Airways Airbus A310-324 Flight 109 on June 10, 2008 in Khartoum, Sudan- Crash on Landing

Sriwijaya Air Flight 290; Indonesia Boeing 737-200 2008 Runway overrun

Itek Air Flight 6895; Kyrgyzstan Boeing 737-200 2008 Crash during emergency landing

Spanair Flight JK 5022; Spain MD-82 2008 Crash during take off

Air Serv InternationalBeechcraft 1900C-1 2008 Under investigation Democratic Republic of Congo.

Continental AirlinesBoeing 737-400 Denver, Colorado, USA 2008 Under investigation



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