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What Happens if My Application Is Denied?

Haroen Calehr Jan. 23, 2017

If one’s naturalization application is denied, it really depends of what the reason for denial is whether or not the person can either reapply, whether it’s denied with prejudice or without prejudice. Essentially, if it’s denied, typically there’ll be a lengthy letter explaining the reasons of denial and the possibility of appealing that denial within a certain timeframe.

Once an application has been denied, then, within a certain timeframe, the alien can then petition to appeal this adverse decision. And if that is also denied, then in certain circumstances, you can also petition the federal district court to challenge this denial, which is called de novo. So, basically, it’s a brand new application where you can request that the court actually look at it and you determine whether or not the administrative agency made a mistake in denying the application or not.