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Car Accidents Attorney in Houston, Texas

Injuries from Car Accidents are the Leading Cause of Death for Americans from ages 6 to 33.

A leading cause of injury and death in America is automobile accidents and motor vehicle collisions. According to national statistics, approximately 6,000,000 auto accidents occur each year, causing close to 40,000 fatalities. It is estimated that 1 out of every 5 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related car crash at some point in their lives according to the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration).

The NHTSA compiles statistics regarding motor vehicle accidents and some of the results are alarming. For example, in 2001:

  1. 3,000,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents.

  2. 41,300 died in motor vehicle accidents.

  3. 40% of the fatalities were alcohol-related.

  4. 2,600 children under the age of 15 were killed in motor vehicle accidents.

  5. 7,500 young drivers (16-20) were involved in fatal crashes.

  6. 3,000 motorcyclists were killed.

  7. 4,700 pedestrians were killed.

  8. Improper use of seat belts accounted for 63% of the fatalities.

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As you can see, the car accident injury statistics in America are staggering. Injuries from car accidents are the leading cause of death for people from the ages of 6 to 33 years old. There are defensive measures you can take to minimize your exposure to the risk of being involved in an automobile accident:

  1. Always obey all the traffic rules;

  2. Drive defensively;

  3. Wear your safety belt;

  4. Never drink and drive;

  5. Make sure your passengers and especially children are properly restrained.

Automobile accidents (including tractor/trailer and truck collisions) are on the rise and are too often responsible for injuries and deaths. We are experienced in handling all aspects of these serious injury cases. Fatal and serious injuries from automobile accident collisions often require hiring experts including accident reconstructionists, investigators, vocational rehabilitationists or life care planners. To prove the case to a jury or in a settlement conference, detailed medical illustrations and other forms of demonstrative evidence are often used to explain the collision and the injuries.

Our firm specializes in these types of cases and is not only prepared but honored to try these types of cases for our clients.