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Provided in-depth information on citizenship and green card requirements for our specific case, being expatriates from the UK. Very helpful and knowledgeable on wider issues discussed regarding our newly established company’s concerns and legalities, and immigration issues pertaining to its set-up. Provided excellent follow-up information as promised.

-An Immigration Client

I obtained Haroen 13 years ago when he was just starting out. He did an awesome job for my husband in Mexico. He filed all the necessary paperwork all we had to really do is get our money order for all our fees and he did everything esle. I would highly recommend him for your case.

-Nelda Alfaro, an Immigration Client

I worked with some others lawyers before and I had issues with each one of them. One of them lost my documentations, another made a mistake and did not fill out a form before mailing it to the embassy, and one other provided false information and as a result of that, I made a decision that I wouldn’t have made otherwise… But I am so glad that I found Haroen Calehr. I think he is a great lawyer. He is nice and I was very comfortable talking to him. He is very organized, and listens carefully to his clients and understands the case before making any comments. He is also very knowledgeable and always looks for alternatives. I found him to be very trustworthy and confident in his job. I strongly recommend him for immigration cases.

-MM, an Immigration Client

Haroen is vey knowledgeable and professional. He was always available for any questions or concerns. I will highly recommend him without any reservations.

-An Immigration Client

Harun is very approachable, kind and helpful. I consulted with him and he provided me necessary insight into my questions. I will definitely recommend him!

-Ash, an Immigration Client

Mr. Calehr is an outstanding and experienced attorney, I am a us citizen today thanks to him. I was at the immigration custody for a long period of time,I was granted permanent residency and became a us citizen , my case was a very very complicated case that no other attorney wanted to take it . Mr. Calehr is a very intelligent and gifted attorney. We won the case and the immigration judge has ordered my release from custody and I gained my freedom after long months suffering in immigration custody. One of my cellmates paid $16,000 to his lawyer but still got deported. Mr. Calehr's fees are very reasonable, I paid him less than $10,000 but I remained in the US as us citizen , my attorney fees were worth every single dime , because now I am a successful business owner living the American dream. I would highly recommend Mr. Calehr. Believe me, he will win your case .

-Reggie B., an Immigration Client

I had trouble with my expired visa for more than 2 years or so. So last year (2013) I was desperate to get my visa renewed. So I asked Mr. Haroen to help me with this case. In just about a month so I got my visa renewed without any problem. Mr. Haroen was really helpful, and I really thank him for this. Even if I have a few questions regarding something else, he was willing to help and very responsive. Really recommended.

-Rachel, an Immigration Client

Although it was a difficult case because of the work scenario of being a single employee abroad, he managed to put a case together and solve it successfully. Thanks again Mr. Calehr!!!

-Justo, an Immigration Client

Very knowledgeable about the adjustment status process. My advanced parole did not arrive on time and he was kind to call to USCIS and got us, my wife and I, the parole and interview for adjustment status earlier (very uncommon). He responds quicker by e-mail compared to a phone call. He has very attentive associates.

-Edgar, an Immigration Client

I was in proceedings for a removal case and it was complicated because instead of wanting to stay on in the US I wanted to go back to my country without self deporting. I had consulted with about 3 lawyers who told me there was no way out then I went online and found the Calehr Law Firm. The reviews were awesome. So I decided to try them and boy am I glad I did! Mr. Haroen and Ms. Teresa were knowledgeable, responsive and willing to help. Teresa took up my case and saw it to a logical conclusion. The proceedings for removal were overturned and it was made voluntary abandonment which was what I wanted. I would recommend Teresa anytime for her professionalism. It was an awesome experience for me and money well spent! I totally appreciate the level of service I got from this law firm…keep up the excellent work!

-An Immigration client

Haroen Calehr is very personable and knowledgeable. He will spend time with you during the initial consultation to determine the best course of action to take with your situation while laying out a plan that will minimize cost to you.

-Ron, an Immigration Client

Haroen went beyond his obligations to help us out with the international adoption of our child. He gave us hope when everyone else was closing doors to our request. He prepared us for the long process and kept us informed every step of the way. His experience working with diverse cultures made it easy to connect with him and feel comfortable when speaking and expressing our concerns. We will always be grateful for the outstanding services and personal attention he gave to our case.

-Berenice, an Adoption Client

I went to Mr. Haroen in 2009 with my deportation case. I was in deportation since 2006. My case was denied and I was ordered deported in local Houston immigration court which was appealed in BOI board of immigration soon after, about two years later my case was denied there as well. We ( me and my family ) were few weeks away from moving that’s when I went to consult Mr. Haroen and decided to hire him. He was very honest in giving me the facts of my case. He then worked really hard which I didn’t see in other top (supposedly) attorneys that I previously hired.

After being in deportation for more then 3 years, Mr. Haroen got me out of deportation in few months and now I am a permanent resident. We owe everything to him. He has so many qualities but the one that I admire the most about him is his honesty, upfront ness and proactiveness. He is very honest in giving you the true picture of the nature of your case and then he works day and night to get things done and in the meanwhile always keeps you updated. We wish him best of luck and recommend him in a heart beat.

-Sher, an Immigration Client

He is so sincere with his clients that I feel I am really too short of words. He is so knowledgeable, Always accessible, And so friendly that you just feel him like a family to discuss your case in depth. Previous attorneys, I met though they were more experienced than him but don’t have any respect as client-attorney relationship and just dumb and only money makers. So, I highly recommend Mr. Calehr as he is extremely honest, hardworking, sincere, respectful and super intelligent, diligent and smart and of course go beyond ways to help his clients all the time. Thank you very much Haroen. I will definitely hire you for any future problems in the case.

-An Immigration client

I recently hired Mr. Calehr for a consultation. His knowledge and experience were very helpful since it clarified specific questions I had. I recommend his services and will make use of them again.

-An Immigration client

We had difficulty with my wife’s immigration and Hareon took on our difficult case. When I switched jobs my new employer changed my visa but refused to do it for my wife and she went out of status. All the lawyers we went to refused to take the case because it was difficult. When we went to Hareon he was upfront with us and told us that INS would probably deny our request but he would present it and all we could do was see. He put the case together, presented it and the INS actually agreed and we received the decision we wished with my wife’s visa being updated and they agreed she had not overstayed. We may return soon to the US and when we return to Texas Hareon will be my immigration lawyer again. He is one of the best lawyers in Texas.

-Brian, an Immigration Client

I worked in the USA last year and part of the current one, and because of a sudden and misfortunate economical moment of the company, I was working for they end up laying-off half of the office. I met Haroen through my sister as she received his services before. With this recommendation, I went to meet him and talk about my situation. He helped me resolve all the legal paperwork that needed to be done in order to conclude the change of immigration status required when the relationship with that company ended, letting me know the US government was proceeding in order. I would recommend him always, he’s really professional, friendly and caring.

-Marcos, an Immigration Client

Haroen has dealt with my visa renewal and recently my proposed change of status for my E2 investment visa. Haroen as always went out if his way to provide me with accurate and up to date information in a timely manner. I would recommend Haroens services for anyone seeking a professional and pro-active service.

-Gary, an Immigration Client

Mr. Haroen has been the most effective and trusty lawyer that I have known. We got our green cards in record time; our questions were answered on time. Really, he is too organized, punctual, and has deep knowledge and long experience to address this type of case. I recommend Mr. Horen strongly. God bless Mr. Haoren and his teamwork.

-Francisco, an Immigration Client

Mr. Calehr was a godsend for me. He is not only knowledgeable, he is a kind and compassionate man of integrity. He guided me through the process of my divorce, advising me each step of the way. He made a difficult time in my life go smoothly. He made himself available to me at all times and without delay, which was something that I truly appreciated. I highly recommend his legal services without reservation.

-Marcie, an Divorce Client

Helped in the whole process of approval for work visa and application to permanent residency. Always responded on time and kept me informed of the situation.

-An Immigration client

Recently I was in a big problem with immigration, me myself and my family everybody tough that there was no hope for me to continually live and do things in this country. Mr. Harun and his hard work showed me once again how to live and dream with my wife and my children again. If you guys think that anyone has had immigration problems I can assure you nothing is as complicated as mine is. 19 yrs living in this country approximately spending lots of money maybe 6 different immigration lawyers I found the man who is honestly from the bottom of his hearth loves his job and profession.I was in the process of being deported but Mr. Harun managed to help me with his expertise to make things better. I never though any of this will be possible in a million years. Before I went to Mr. Harun I went other lawyer’s everybody had the same answer “no,” They cannot do anything for me.Mr. Harun is the best. He managed to take care all my immigration problems and make things Better. Now I am really happy once again with my family. He is not just a lawyer he is now part of my family he’s become like a brother to me. During my immigration case every time he called me to tell me the good news I just cried and cried I told him that I can never pay him back with anything. He’s the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, my wife and my children. I love you Mr. Harun Brother God bless you and your family. You are the best of the best.

-Mohammed, an Immigration Client

Harun truly is a great attorney who is very knowledgeable in immigration. He shows true professionalism when it comes to response time and will always put your time in front of his own.Our case was not easy and the chances of winning seemed very slim. No attorney wanted to take our case however Harun did. He definitely came to our rescue!!!I would definitely recommend you go to Harun for any matter because he is for sure a man who cares for his clients’ wellbeing.Thank you Harun!!! We are truly blessed to have had you as our attorney!

-Kenneth, an Immigration Client

Thanks Mr. Calehr for taking my case. We lost touch briefly during my job change but you continued to be persistent and you went out of your way to locate me and come to my house. You really showed me that you cared and that you were dedicated to your job and helping resolve my claim. I would recommend you to my family and friends in the future. I’m so glad you settled my case and now I’m able to move forward and put that behind me. Thank you so very much!

-Caletha Moore, a Personal Injury Client

Great lawyer. Very knowledgeable, approachable. Extremely responsive, I would email him and get a response within a few hours. Kept me at ease and informed. He was there for my appointment more than 30 mins before and got there before me. I would highly recommend him and have already recommended his service to friends and they are also happy with his services. My case was not straightforward and went smoothly and the interview went great thanks to Mr. Calehr. I have my naturalization ceremony in a couple of weeks and will be a citizen thanks to his help. Thank you very much!!

-Gloria, an Immigration Client

Working with Mr. Calehr has been the best experience, he has been the best Attorney from the day we walked into his office. He greeted us people not as clients, he was being paid to help. He worked with my husband until all his paper-work was filed and cleared. He went up and beyond his job as our attorney. I will recommend him to everyone, I know because he is a man that stands for integrity and honesty. Excellent, very knowledgeable and prepared, one of the best in his field!

-Stan, an Immigration Client

Could not have had a better person to handle my case. Great professionalism, friendly environment, Clear Objectives Very impressed by Mr. Calehr’s sincere and honest effort and guidance. Very professional with an in depth knowledge of immigration laws. He is an excellent attorney, one of the best in his field. I highly recommend using this law firm.

-Maryuri, an Immigration Client

Haroen helped me get my Greencard after first filing 10 years ago (with a different lawyer, different state). After going through a few very incompetent lawyers, it was nice to see that there are still good ones out there. I had a good feeling from the start with Haroen. He got back to me right away if I had any questions or concerns. He was very knowledgeable and prepared me great for our interview. He told me what paperwork is needed to refile my case, because I got divorced a few years back.
I can now say that finally after 10 years I have my Greencard. It was a long journey, but now thanks to Haroen its finally over.

-Sonja, an Immigration Client

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Harun at Calehr Law Firm. My family has used him for my husband’s immigration case for appx. 4 years now. He is the most amazing lawyer I’ve ever met. He is always accessible, responds to all emails, questions, etc. promptly, and truly cares about our family. I can tell he does this because it’s what he loves, not just for the paycheck. He is extremely efficient, affordable, and highly recommended!!

-Sarah, an Immigration Client

Haroen provided my company with excellent legal services during our efforts to apply for an H1-B Visa Transfer for a new employee. He maintained a good line of communication and kept us up to speed every step of the way. Highly recommended. Efficient, compassionate, and professional

– Kartik, an Immigration Client

We had spoken with a couple of different attorneys for my brother-in-laws citizenship case. None were helpful. I found Mr. Calehr through this website. We drove 150 miles to speak with him. It was definitely worth the trip. Mr. Calehr is honestly a nice man. He made a complicated case seem very simple. He always returns phone calls and texts promptly and was always willing to listen. Everything was handled to perfection and my brother-in-law is now a citizen. He made a 63 year old Iranian man’s dream come true. I would recommend Mr. Calehr to anyone needing an attorney. Our family will be forever grateful.

-Pam, an Immigration Client

I-601 Waiver was denied, consulted other attorneys who didn’t recommend us to keep going with the case because there was no solution, that we needed to start all over again in a few years when circumstances changed. We found attorney Haroen Calehr, he gave us hope, so we decided to continue forward with him. He’s prompt in communicating and very-very knowledgeable about immigration. Just don’t pressure him, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Conclusion: I-601 waiver was approved in about six months after submitting the application. We are so thankful with God for sending attorney Haroen Calehr our way. Awesome and Dependable lawyer. Highly recommended.

-Adriana, an Immigration Client

A friend’s wife accidentally bumped into a parked car at Walmart at Conroe. It happen about 2 years ago. She checked and there was no dent or scratch on either car. She went into Walmart to shop and was arrested by the Sheriff and handcuffed. Lawyer Haroen represented her and no jail time or record.
Her mistake was not leaving a note on the other car windshield before leaving the area. Now Haroen represents our restaurant for legal matters, if any.

-Stanley, a Car Accident Client

I have been Haroen’s customer for more than 3 years. I am extremely happy with the service that he is providing for me and my family. Haroen is a very responsible and knowledgeable attorney who is a very dedicated his work and customers. I have referred my friend to Haroen for consolation and services and they all were satisfied with Haroen.

-Leonid, an Immigration Client

Haroen was recommended to us by a friend and I have been very impressed in my dealings with him. He is very responsive, patient and diligent in answering my sometimes very naive questions and in explaining to me the various procedures and protocols required. The Law “system” is complex and you need a reliable guide to explain what is needed and when. Haroen has a very pleasant personality and is a pleasure to deal with. He is very familiar with the “system” and his advice is always sound. I would have no hesitations in recommending Haroen to anyone.

-Les, an Immigration Client

I have a wonderful experience with this attorney. He has taken the case of my family very well, managing the documentation has been excellent and suggestions are also very relevant. Thanks.

-Nancy, an Immigration Client

When he was my immigration layer, He was full of really good advice when I needed it and he was extremely knowledgeable too. I would recommend him to anyone.

-Philippe Auguste, an Immigration Client

Haroen was a great lawyer for me. He always kept me informed and stayed in touch. I recommend him to anybody that asks me for a lawyer. Throughout the whole process of my case, he was a lot of help and gave me great advice for the future and really treated me as a friend rather than just a client.

-Usama, an Criminal Defense Client

I’ve known Haroen for over 6 years now after coming across his website ….I was looking for a lawyer to handle my immigration case for me and my children ….spoke to 2 lawyers before him n they were not professional or knowledgeable ….the first day I spoke to Haroen I knew he was the lawyer for me, besides he being reasonably priced, he is Professional, Knowledgeable, Caring, Trustworthy, makes u feel comfortable and he doesn’t tell u what u want to hear or sugarcoat your situation …he tells you the truth about your case as to what to expect, etc…..no matter how busy he is he always find the time to call u back if you’re worried about your case ….my family and I trust him to deal with our cases….in fact I’m using him right now for another case…I would recommend him highly and would continue using him…..he is the best there is.

-Giselle, an Immigration Client

I have worked with Haroen for the past 7 years handling all of my work visa applications and processing. He has always kept me informed of the process and to date, I have not had an issue with any of the work he has performed for me. I will continue to work with him in the future.

-Rhuben, an Immigration Client

I hired Harun for immigration-related issues. H1B and I485 adjustment of status application (employer-sponsored green card). Harun understands the process from start to finish.

-Wim, an Immigration Client

Mr. Calehr is a very knowledgeable lawyer. My case was not common. I had several difficult questions. I asked the same questions to several different lawyers because it was such an important matter to me and he was the only one who knew the answers to all these questions. It is like a good doctor knows what the problem is of a patient. My case was urgent. He didn’t mind working even when his office was closed. I called him and texted him in late evenings and he was always willing to help. He was with me in every step of the visa process until the end.

-An Immigration client

Mr. Calehr is an excellent attorney, very professional, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend him.

-Brenda, an Immigration Client

Really excellent attorney. He got me the citizenship easily and quickly. He is responsive and always ready to help. As a person, he is a great guy as well. I recommend him to any person trying to get his papers legally and without wasting time.

-An Immigration client

He knows what he is talking about and he explains the legal case in a way that is easy to understand. His knowledge and speedy response set him apart from other immigration lawyers.
Highly recommend doing business with him.

-An Immigration client

Haroen consistent and long-standing representation of my file has proved to be nothing short of amazing. He is knowledgeable, current, respected, thoughtful, & most importantly cares about his clients. He is a very good attorney who has experience in a range of areas including family law, immigration law, aviation and etc. He is very thorough and will work hard to resolve your case. I endorse this lawyer I would and have referred his services more than once over the years!! I am forever grateful that he is my attorney!! A True Professional with an unparallel and unprecedently knowledge on immigration matters! Truely cares for his clients.

-Buffy K, an Immigration Client

My wife and I are delighted by this news concerning her precarious deportation immigration proceedings. This is the outcome that we have been waiting impatiently for. We deeply appreciate the diligence, expertise and professionalism that you displayed throughout the entire process. No word can explain how grateful we are for your service.

-Mentee Gaye, an Immigration Client

Mr. Calehr is the best immigration lawyer in town. After being told “No” endlessly by other lawyers, I came across Mr.Calehr who is so knowledgeable in the field that he was able to not only say “Yes”, but fix my case in a matter of a few months! He treated my case with close attention and thanks to his commitment I have been approved for residency. I really could not have done it without his help. He is very responsive and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

-An Immigration client

Mr. Calehr is a very personable, very hard-working professional who helped me and my wife get through a very difficult and confusing immigration process. Haroen has a good deal of practical experience in the matter of immigration (fiance Visa in my case ). I just found out yesterday that my wife was awarded a visa to enter the USA from a country where visas are not readily handed out. We could not have done it wihout Haroen’s help. While of course being a professional the whole time, he also made me feel like a friend. I was surprised at how quickly he would get back with me, answering my questions, etc.. and was always available, and accessible. I would highly recommend Mr. Calehr to anyone who needed serious professional legal counsel / help with an immigration case. Thank you.

-James, an Immigration client

I first began working with Mr. Calehr over 7 years ago in my attempt to obtain a green card and emigrate permanently from Latvia. My case was also very complicated, or so it seemed to me and the handful of other lawyers I contacted first. Where they were unsure and tentative, Haroen immediately put me at ease with his extensive knowledge and compassion for my situation. Where I felt I had no options, he had several and was completely respectful of my decisions throughout the entire process. I have already expressed to him how his help changed the course of my life. He has always been there to answer all my questions through the years to answer all things related to immigration as I have married, moved, and made a life for myself here in the U.S. Just a few weeks ago, I obtained my U.S. Citizenship without any problems!! I will always respect his calmness, confidence, and knowledge and will be forever thankful. He is greatly recommended!

-Sandijs, an Immigration Client

Mr.Calehr handled my immigration case with tremendous professionalism and knowledge. He got me permanent residency within 3 months which two different lawyers could not accomplish in 12 years.
My case was so complex and complicated that other lawyers did not even know where to start. He pinpointed the problem and went after it. His fees are very reasonable and he deserves every bit of it. If you are looking for a lawyer who can pull the rabbit out of the hat he is the person to trust. From now on every friend who needs a lawyer will be referred to him by me. Thank You Mr.Calehr from me and my family.

-Bob, an Immigration Client

Haroen has helped me through several immigration processes. Most recently, he has worked on my green card application. Throughout the entire process, Haroen has been dedicated, fast, and kept me well informed. I highly recommend his services.


Initially entered the US on temporary assignment with L1B visa as expert on specific Oil & Gas technology, I needed to convert into Green Card as my residence status in Canada was expiring by being away for an extended period. There was also pressure on the timing as I was not intended to do the conversion in the first place, which turn into a decision point if I would risk losing my Canadian residence by continuing to stay in the US or return to Canada before it expired. My current company lawyer did not provide reasonable solutions, therefore I seek out advice and found Mr. Haroen Calehr. He suggested options to reach my objective in getting US residence (green card) within the time frame of my Canadian validity. The key suggestion is to take a management position or L1A visa first prior to applying a green card, which is well supported by my employer. This approach has proven to be successful in my case.

-Sugeng, an Immigration Client

Haroen is very friendly and answered all my questions concerning my auto accident case in a timely manner. He is dedicated and committed to his practice. He cares about doing the very best for his clients.

-A Car Accident client

Haroen is fast, responsive, knowledgeable and makes it easy for an employer to work immigrants legally. He currently manages four employee cases for our company ranging from green card applicants to H1B visas. His honest approach is much better than others that we have used in the past.

-Brent, an Immigration Client

Finally, a Lawyer you can trust. I hired Harun Calehr in August, 2008 to help my son with a deportation case. During the two year period of the case, Haroen showed excellent working ethics, personal support, and most important, he showed his genuine care and concern for the situation, always willing to go the extra mile for us. He was able to work thru this extremely difficult case with unbelievable smoothness and intelligence, he patiently worked around the obstacles and successfully obtained a waiver, my son son is now on his way to U.S Citizenship. There are many reasons why I highly recommend Harun, among many, he CARES and I trust him.

-Abel, an Immigration Client

He has always answered my questions completely and quickly. He has been very honest with me regarding the parts of the process and length of the process and informed me of the incorrect information given to me by my previous lawyers.

-An Immigration client

I cannot stop being surprised by you and how well you have taken care of me and my case. I will forever be grateful to the Lord whom guided me to you…and be grateful to you for the exceptional service.


I really appreciate your help in getting my second DWI DISMISSED!!! Wow, I first thought you and your associate were pulling my leg when during the lunch break, after the Harris County Constable had been questioned by the Assistant District Attorney, that the Judge threw the case out and dismissed the case against me, I really owe you!!! Thanks for the excellent you and Ken performed for me!!!


Thanks for winning my Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing last month (October 2005) against the Texas DPS, I just got my driver’s license back (2) days ago in the mail. Great stuff. Thanks for your hard work on this. This is great news! Thanks for your good work. It is wonderful to get my driver licenses back, and of course great not to have to pay the penalties. Again, thanks a bunch for good work. Appreciate it a lot!


Thanks for winning my case in immigration court after two previous attorneys and allowing me to stay in the US despite my criminal conviction when I was still in High School for cocaine possession, when I hung out with the wrong crowd. But for your great efforts and continued trust in me, I would have been deported to Cambodia, a country I had not been to since I was 1 1/2 month old when my family and I fled the communist regime as a refugee, you safed my life and allowed me to stay in my home together with my 3 year old son, who means everything to me, you really care about your clients and their cases, thanks soo much.


Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Please let us know what we need to do next.” Thank you for helping us in our international adoption.

-Berenice Hutton

Thank You for giving me a new life, by getting me my green card after soo many years of waiting.

-Yudhi Willis

You gave me back my life and liberty after three awful months, you’re a great and cost effective lawyer.

-Reggie Bakalli

My family and I want to thank you very much for representing my case. We are so grateful to know such a competent Law Counselor like you. I know I can rely on you. We will always recommend your name to those who are in need of service like this or even with other services that you specifically render. We were so happy and excited this morning as we heard the announcement by the Judge. Again please allow me and my family to express our gratitude to you and to your mom. We were so pleased to meet her. She is such a wonderful person. Please, continue to advise us what we need to do next. Regards.

-James Senduk

I got my slip & fall personal injury case settled quickly and painlessly and was very satisfied with my settlement.

-Vickie Stewart

My husband got his green card in record time despite the complications of his case.

-Nelda Garza

I got my auto wreck personal injury case settled quickly and painlessly and was very satisfied with my settlement.

-Omar Tourik

I had been dealing with the INS for five years now and as you already know I had two immigration attorneys before I had hired you and they both failed miserably in doing their job. Then you came along and made it possible to get me my green card within a few weeks. I wanted to thank you again for doing an outstanding job. Thank you.

Kenan Baluken

My personal injury car wreck case was referred to Calehr Law Firm from a big-time Houston TV Lawyer. They were offering me $3,000 to settle. Mr. Calehr was able to get me $47,500 instead! Thanks!

-Susan Salaza