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What Is ICE Custody?

Haroen Calehr March 7, 2017

ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s the law enforcement arm of Immigration. They fall under the Department of Homeland Security, and their job is to apprehend, process, and detain aliens that are here unlawfully or have committed crimes.

Once in their custody, depending on the nature of the crime, one can either request to be bonded out by the immigration judge, if the judge has jurisdiction over one’s case. And if the judge does not have jurisdiction over one’s case, then one can petition the head of that particular ICE office to be either let out on what is called parole, where as long as one can show that you’re not a danger to society, you’re not a flee risk, and that the nature of your crime is not too serious to be considered for parole. But that’s usually what happens if one is in ICE detention.