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What Is the Quota System for Immigration?

Haroen Calehr June 27, 2016

Title: What is the Quota System for Immigration?
In this video, Haroen describes the quota system for immigration and its three parts.

The quota system for immigration is divided into three parts and essentially, it’s a numerical allocation that Congress gives per fiscal year, which cannot be exceeded. Seventy percent of the quote is earmarked for family-based immigration, which are about 480,000 visas or immigrant visas for green cards.

Then you’ve got the business category, which has 140,000 immigrant visas set aside. And then the last one is diversity visas they have 50,000 visas set aside for that category. And again, this runs through the fiscal year. Diversity visas are for nationals of certain countries that are underrepresented in the US and it was initially set up to attract more diversification for the country.

No one individual country can get more than seven and a half percent of the allocated visas set aside in total by Congress. And it’s a system that you can monitor on a monthly basis at the visa bulletin it’s online and you can check whether your priority date, which is your line or your number in the queue has become current, and if it is then that’s the time that you can then apply to obtain your green card.