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Can an Illegal Immigrant Get Deported for A Misdemeanor?

Haroen Calehr July 11, 2016

Title:Can An Illegal Immigrant Get Deported for a Misdemeanor? | Houston Immigration Attorneys
Houston Immigration Attorney Haroen Calehr elaborates on what may happen if an illegal immigrant commits a misdemeanor.

When one violates the status that one has or one doesn’t have a status at all then of course, as soon as you get into contact with immigration law enforcement there is that specter of possibility that you can be detained, be questioned, be arrested, or be processed for proceedings or for removal or for deportation.

In immigration law like in criminal law where you have a two classification system. One are crimes involving moral turpitude, CIMT’s and then you’ve got the more serious charges and aggravated felony. And there’s a list under the immigration code and it delineates the various crimes that are what are called aggravated felonies.

If you’re here undocumented then you are always at risk of encountering law enforcement or immigration and being imported. But, of course, that goes up tremendously if you have a misdemeanor conviction or a felony conviction. But there are defenses available and it’s very difficult to answer because it’s basically a fact situation and a case-by-case basis.