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Is Deportation a Crime?

Haroen Calehr May 16, 2016

Title: Is Deportation a Crime?
In this video, Haroen describes the legality of deportation.

If somebody has been deported and that person has had a type of conviction (a criminal conviction here in the United States called an aggravated felony conviction) then that is a crime.

Also, if a person has just been deported without any crime whatsoever then that can be prosecuted, congress changed the laws in September of ’96 and made deportation more of a streamlined process where they just call it removal now. But of course it differs whether the person is near the border or at the border or actually inside the country.

If someone is at the border and they’re apprehended within 100 miles of the border they can be what is called expeditiously removed for five years. And that can’t be appealed. Now if you are in the country and you are placed in court proceedings and then deported then typically, you can’t return for 10 years or sometimes permanently but that procedure may be appealed within 30 days of the immigration judge’s decision and that’s called the Board of Immigration Appeals.