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Who Is Subject to Immigration Control?

Haroen Calehr June 13, 2016

Title: Who is Subject to Immigration Control?
In this video, Haroen explains what contributes to a person being subject to immigration control.

Anyone that has ever traveled outside the country is subject to immigration control because when you’re trying to come back into the country you have to show your passport, whether you’re a citizen or you’re an alien or you just have a green card whatever your condition may be, so that’s number one.

 Number two, any person that is applying for a job, at least if it’s done the proper way through their employer has to fill out a form. We don’t have what is called an exit system yet and it’s been widely debated that we do need one. Most countries in the world do have that, whenever you try to exit the country you have to show your passport before you’re allowed to leave or any type of immigration documents but primarily a passport. But of course, coming in you always have to show that. So those are the various ways that you can actually be requested to show your status.