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Why Pres Debate # 2 Should Discuss Immigration

Haroen Calehr Oct. 16, 2012

Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, independent or undecided, immigration always has and always will play a very integral part in the American psyce and political landscape, perhaps now more so than ever.  The important presidential election and debate # 2 tomorrow should discuss this hot topic item.

I know the economy and one’s pocketbook is the foremost issue on most voters minds nowadays as it should be including our family. The recession and the high unemployment rates have been devastating to many and touched most American families including ours.  Nevertheless, like the Tax Code the Immigration Code has not had a major overhaul for a longtime and some serious tweaks are required for the sake of the economy by either winner.  I do not subscribe to the notion that our immigration laws are “broken” as we hear many politicians claim in their debates, stump speeches or interviews. There are a lot of good elements in our immigration laws and we tend to attract the best of the best throughout the world BUT some of the nonsensical portions of our immigration laws need some serious tweaking.  Lets not forget, the last large immigration bill and amendment happened on Bill Clinton’s watch in 1994, when one of the most draconian immigration laws was passed and signed into law by President Clinton.  Converesly, the last amnesty was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. 

Whether Romney or Obama prevails, either one will have to seriously deal with our Tax Code and our immigration Code overhaul.  Bring back a part of the immigration Code called INA-245(i), i.e. a law that expired in April 30, 2001, and was on the verge of renewal in Congress and favored by President Bush but then 9/11 happened.  This law essenstially allows undocumented immigrants already in the country from obtaining a green card if they have a close family member or employer, pay a fine (previously $1000 but we can raise it to $2,000 or more) and not have to leave the country and return to their native country first as a pre-condition to obtaining their legal permanent residency. 

Why is this law good and why should either candidate advocate the re-instatement of this expired law? Because it will bring in a lot of revenue to the much needed empty government coffers, legalize at least 1/3 if not more of the current undocumented aliens already in the country, and provide for a much needed boost for our economy.  Immigration has always provided  a perpetual boost and multiplying affect on our economy. Immigrants need new homes, cars, create small businessess, apply for college, buy big ticket items for their new homes and businessess, pay taxes and once able to come out of the  shadows will provide a natural stimulus to our lethargic economy, in conjunction with other measures. Immigration is not a handicap but the reason why we fare so much better economicaly then Japan and Europe who have negative birth rates. The babyboomers are retiring and we need young workers to contribute to the empty social security and Medicare/Medicaid coffers. We have been successful in safeguarding our borders, now lets deal with the initially uninvited guests to our advantage in the best possible capitalistic and humane way by welcoming them as our neighbors, friends and yes, sometimes family members.